Appalachian Highlands Historical Fencing

Combat from long ago in a place close to home

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Learn Historical European Martial Arts with Appalachian Highlands Historical Fencing

Event schedule

6:15 PM | Wednesday — Lesson: Saber & Broadsword

7:15 PM | Thursday — Lesson: Rapier & Smallsword

11:00 AM | Saturday — Lesson: Basic Longsword

12:00 PM | Saturday — Lesson: Intermediate Longsword

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What are historical European martial arts?

Appalachian Highlands Historical Fencing studies historical European martial arts, also known as HEMA. This means that we study the martial arts of pre-modern cultures in Europe, including the fighting styles of medieval knights, Renaissance swashbucklers, Scottish clansmen, and many more! Fencing is our main focus, but HEMA includes other weapons, such as the spear, the dagger, and even unarmed techniques as well.

Regardless of the style, HEMA draws directly from historical sources, including manuscripts, illustrations, and recovered weapons and armor, to recreate long lost martial arts.

Therefore, HEMA is the study of history. HEMA is a fitness program. HEMA is an opportunity to practice the martial arts employed by some of history’s greatest warriors. Whatever HEMA means to you, though, we hope you find it with us!

Swords & Safety

Appalachian Highland Historical Fencing takes safety seriously! You’ll find that HEMA is much safer than most athletic activities due in large part to the protective equipment we require and the precautions we take.

In the unlikely event of injury, our instructors are certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED operation. You’re in good hands when you fence with us!

“…the sword acknowledged no fate but that of freedom and free-will; and it bred the very spirit of chivalry, a keen personal sentiment of self respect, of dignity, and of loyalty, with the noble desire to protect weakness against the abuse of strength.”

-Sir Richard F. Burton, “The Book of the Sword”

A Tradition Reborn

Join us at Appalachian Highland Historical Fencing. Study the savage elegance of the Highland warrior. Build the physique of an armored knight. Wield the weapons that they wielded, move as they moved, and think as they thought. Heroes and villains, their story has been written. Yours has not. Write it with us, and forge a legend of your own.

Your legend is waiting for you at Appalachian Highland Historical Fencing

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